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Tire Rotation Service near Long Island, NY


Extending the Life of Your Tires is Simple 

Get the most out of every drive with a tire rotation service near Long Island, NY. The life of your tires can affect both the performance and the traction control, as well as potentially cost you an expensive repair if left in the same position for too long. Make a simple investment with a visit to Legend Auto Group.

While you may not notice it, every time you hit the road you are slowly wearing down the tread on your tires. Unfortunately, not all four of the tires receive an equal amount of use, which can cause one or two to lose traction quicker than the rest. Instead of paying a large sum to replace the entire tire, set up a regular rotation maintenance service to vastly increase the lifespan of each tire. How often should you do this? Each make and model has a different timeline, so the best place to check is your Owner’s Manual. A general rule of thumb is every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, but there are certain variables to keep in mind. Our certified technicians can give you a more specific guideline since they are trained to work specifically with your Nissan, Porsche, Audi, or Volkswagen vehicle. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have.

When you come into our service center for a tire rotation service near Long Island, NY, there are a few things that will take place. First, all the tires will be removed to properly inspect the wear and determine the ideal placement. Secondly, while the tires are off, our technicians will do a quick check of the brakes to make sure they are in good condition. Lastly, once the tires have been put back on, the air pressure will be checked and adjusted if needed. All of this while you relax in our comfortable waiting with a cup of coffee. Here at Legend Auto Group, we specialize in service that is both efficient and effective, so you can get back on the road quickly with performance you can trust. 


What are some of the benefits of getting a tire rotation service? You’ll get peace of mind to take on every journey knowing that your tires will be operating with maximum traction control to help keep you safe exactly when you need it most. It also ensures that you have a smooth ride down Sunrise Highway, allowing you to take full advantage of the spirited performance your model is equipped to offer. And, with our ongoing service specials, you’ll have saved even more money compared to waiting until the tires are completely worn down.

Making an appointment is simple, you can either give us a call or schedule one here on our website. Either way, make Legend Auto Group your preferred choice for a tire rotation service near Long Island, NY!